Hot Water Heaters

Effective Diagnosis

The solution might be as simple as replacing a thermostat and element or a pilot light that needs to be re-lit.

How Water Heater Replacements/Installations

If you need a new water heater we have viable options for you to consider:

All water heaters are not created equal.

Some water heater manufacturers with “American” in their name aren't even made in America. Some manufacturers aren't really serious about standing behind their product.

What Hot Water Heaters We Offer:

  • Ultra Low "Eco-Friendly" Heat Pump Water Heaters from GE.
  • Conventional Tank Water heaters such as A/O Smith, GE, Reheen, Rude from (1 to 120 gallons).
  • Hot Water Pump- Tired of waiting for hot water to get to the shower or faucet?
  • Then install a Hot water recirculating pump for "Instant Hot Water on Demand".
    Ask Today's Plumbing about them today!

Water shut off

You can shut off all water to your property by finding the water meter box usually at the street or sidewalk. Open the cover with a long screwdriver or specialty tool. If this box is inaccessible or you cannot find it, call your local water department. Be sure to identify this box and the water valve inside before the need to use them arises. Inside the water meter box you will see a valve that shuts off the water to your home or building. You can also locate the main water service pipe into your house which is probably in the front or side of the home or building neat ground level. You may wish to pain the valve Blue so it is easy to find an emergency.

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